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Loop’d & Hoop’d (Loho) Disrupts Jewelry Market with Subscription Jewelry Service

Women who love of-the-moment earrings but don’t have time to shop are going to love the new jewelry subscription service from Shoploho.com. 

The brainchild of jewelry designer Jennifer Renee, Loop’d & Hoop’d (Loho for short) is disrupting the online jewelry shopping experience with its exclusive Earring of the Month Club. 

How does it work?  Subscribers answer a set of questions designed to capture the essence of their individual style and design preferences.  Loho’s in-house stylist then uses this information to hand-pick earrings that will enhance each customer’s unique style.   Each month, customers receive their individually chosen earrings in the mail.  It’s as easy as that.   

Shoppers can choose from a range of options starting at two pairs for one month, up to several pairs for several months.   No matter which package they go for, Loho’s Earring of the Month Club is a tremendous value, serving up the hippest and trendiest earrings at up to 70% off regular Loho prices. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that Loho’s styles come in non-pierced earrings (also known as a “hoop-on” clip-on)  as well as pierced designs.  This is great news for girls who can’t wear pierced earrings or want to try something new. 

But wait.  Aren’t clip-on earrings frumpy and old-fashioned?  Don’t worry.  These are not your grandma’s clip-ons.   Loho founder and designer Jennifer Renee developed her line after years of struggling to make ear piercings work with her scar-prone skin (keloid).  After several bouts of surgery, she gave up on pierced earrings.  But out of her love for fashion and stylish jewelry, she began making her own non-pierced earring designs that were not only trending, but more importantly, comfortable.  Her creations were so current and fresh that even girls with pierced ears wanted them. 

Realizing that there are thousands of other women who love trendy jewelry but can’t wear pierced earrings, Jennifer set about designing a full line of clip-on earrings for the modern fashion lover.  Along the way, she also conceived of a new way to shop for jewelry.  Loho was born, with the Earring of the Month Club close behind.    

Although earrings are the heart of the company’s products, Loho also offers a subscription jewelry service called Send the Trend for other designer fashion jewelry.  You’ll find statement necklaces, cuff earrings, tribal bangles, earring necklace sets and more all created to work perfectly with your individual style. 


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