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Louis vuitton galliera pm bag

  • By thomasck Ogle
  • Published 01/17/2011
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The great charms of Louis Vuitton handbags are irresistible. Women love these bags very much. The introduction of new Louis Vuitton handbags each time is focused by reporters and bag designers. At the same time, ladies also pay attention to these attractive bags all the time. Louis Vuitton introduces many magnificent bags this year. The 2010 collection of this excellent brand impresses women and girls. There are some unique bags of the 2010 collection. Some of them are worth to mention when it comes to fashionable accessories such as the new arrival—Louis Vuitton Galliera PM Bag. This is one of the new arrivals of Louis Vuitton this year. It is a good option for women to choose if they want to own the one which can be carried by them for different occasions. The Louis Vuitton Galliera PM Bag is a timeless one which is crafted in monogram canvas with supple and light leather. Such a design will be fashionable for years. It is a bag which is suitable for people of different body types. Besides, this one is very comfortable to carry. Functional is another obvious feature of it. It as some internal pockets inside which is used by people to put some small items such as cell phone compartment, golden brass pieces and so on. The cell phone is surely safe in the internal pocket. People can also put the keys because of the D-ring. That means everything can be organized well in it. And people don’t have to worry about losing their keys if they put them inside. The opening of this bag is small. This is the specialty of it. The opening makes sure the security of the things inside the bag as it is high up almost hugging people’s armpit. All your belongings will be kept well in it. You are sure to love it if you are outside. Louis Vuitton handbags are not only nice and fashionable, but also functional. This new arrival is a good example.

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by thomasck Ogle



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