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Louis vuitton monogram vernis handbags in gorgeous red

  • By Elizabeth Braxton
  • Published 02/9/2011
  • Screenplay

We usually classify bags into various groups according to different materials or different collections, so there come the famous lines like the Monogram Canvas, Monogram Multicolore, Monogram Vernis, as well as the Alma, Mahina, Sunset, Speedy and so on and on. But there is another way for classification – by colors. And when you pick the bags in a common color from different collections, you may also get some fun and have some stunning discories. I personally love the color red, since it can make things look vibrant, passionate and ravishing, especially in the cold winter. So today I will talk about several classic Louis Vuitton handbags in red which you may be interested in.  So now I would like the tell you that the bags I choose today are from the Monogram Vernis lines. As I see it, it is the Louis Vuitton’s peculiar leather can perfectly demonstrate the gorgeous red color.     1. Louis Vuitton Alma bags There will be something fantastic happening when the vivid red color meets Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis. You will catch my point when you look at these charming and appealing Alma bags. They are just a reinterpretation of the Louis Vuitton’s icon. You can find that the Alma BB looks more compact in size than the Alma MM, but both of them are just lovely. Carrying either of these two Alma bags, you can make your apparel become dynamic and distinctive. Alma bags are ideal choices for any fashion girl in urban style.    2. Louis Vuitton Wilshire Boulevard This is really a simple bag, crafted in embossed Monogram Vernis, with several discret designs such as golden brass pieces, dock clip closue and one inside zipped pocket finish this delicate Wilshire Boulevard. This simple and practical Louis Vuitton handbag will be am ideal choice for your daily looks.    3. Louis Vuitton Melrose Avenue    This Louis Vuitton Melrose Avenue is among the most sophisticated and delicate bags in red Monogram Vernis. It features the square outline and the reassuring designs of its sturdy press lock. Besides, the protective bottom studs and comfortable handles and the smart appearances are also telling us that the Louis Vuitton Melrose Avenue is perfect for career women. Large enough, the bag is able to contain a small laptop. The red color will surely add some extraordinary and glamorous charm to career women.



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