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Love is a color, a name

  • By Howarde Johnson
  • Published 06/6/2011
  • Non-Fiction

The word “diamond” is originated from Latin “diamas”, which came from Greek “adamas” meaning “can not be conquered”. Diamonds are crystals of pure carbon, famous for their hardness, purity and rareness. Tears of God in old Europe, the sun of ancient Egypt, starshine in hoary Greek and the visible world of Tibetan Buddhism — diamonds are always associated with glory and happiness. Incomparable hardness makes it symbol of perfection and strength; Crystal clear transparency enables it equals to pureness and everlastingness. Countless civilizations endowed diamonds clear sense of beauty, or the ability of quelling fears and expeling evils. Today, diamonds are still standing for light and lives, eternal love, exceeding purity and sincere faith. The secret of diamonds is their gentle and charming character. What is crucial is the throbbing feeling — the first sight, belief, the solemn sworn and a everlasting promise. The most intimate partner of diamonds is platinum. As one of the rare metals, platinum has various noble qualities. Only added 5 percent other metals, platinum is able to keep the never fade white gloss. With high density and stability, it is so difficult of wear and aging that can claw inlaid diamonds firmly. Bright, light and coriaceous platinum and pure, luster and emotional diamonds complements mutually with each other, breeding smart, refined and elegant jewelry. Cartier Solitaire 1895 Serie Born in 1895, Solitaire 1895 is ageless. Harmonious and symmetric gestures and four paws settings brilliantly perform their radiance. Cartier Ballerine Serie Exquisite craftmanship, harmonious inlay and the consummate cut of single diamonds bring up the unique masterpiece.  Design inspiration originated from flowers, Ballerine Seire is endowed with female enchanting amorous feelings, and camber lines combines with delicate Arabia type decorative pattern, incarnate graceful and sumptuous sense of beauty. Cartier Declaration Serie Suffused with contemporary feeling, slender four paws setting assorted in pairs with elegant line, their designs are terse, sheer and of modern flavor.



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