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Lovely Breakfast Recipes You’ll Want to Wakeup For

  • By Emily Amelia Inglis
  • Published 07/4/2012

Do you sometimes feel that if you ever see another boring piece of toast again you’ll scream? It’s hardly an inspiration to wake-up to each and every morning. This is where you may feel as though some lovely breakfast recipes could come in to play.

As breakfast is well known to be the most important meal of the day, there is nothing to stop you from looking into some very tasty suggestions. Such lovely breakfast recipes could involve anything from New York Strip Steak and eggs, to still using toast as a base and adding your favourites on top.

One old favourite that unfortunately does not seem to be around quite as much today is the poached egg. This is gorgeous on hot buttered toast and it is actually a very healthy way of eating eggs – rather than having them fried. You might even like to think about pouring a hollandaise sauce over the eggs, to give them that extra finishing touch.

A very quick and simple eggs dish in the morning is to create a bit of an alternative spin to scrambled eggs on toast. All you need do is scramble the eggs, add a little milk and seasoning and set the mix to one side for a minute, while you chop up a few other ingredients to be added to the eggs. Dice some ham (or this could be bacon), chop some cherry tomatoes in half and look to see what other vegetables you might like to add to the mix according to your own personal taste and mix these in with the scrambling eggs.

Add the ham or bacon first and mix in well; next, add the vegetables you have decided on and then at the very end, add your cherry tomatoes. Then simply serve and enjoy a very nutritious and healthy start to the day.

There are numerous ideas for different and lovely breakfast recipes and no doubt a very short period of research on the internet will prove very successful in its rewards.

About the Author : Emily Amelia Inglis is writing about lovely breakfast recipes



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