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Low Back Pain Treatment Solution In Arizona

Low back pains, also referred to as Lumbago has been become common problems for majority of the people across the globe. It’s a common problem in United States which has become the most common cause of job related disability, a leading contributor to missed work after the second most common neurological ailment; headache is more common than back pain in United States. Now, you can imagine about the drastic condition of this common disease. There are various kinds of medications treatment available in Arizona, which depends on the precise diagnosis of the low back pain. Your doctor will be one of the most responsible persons who can decide one of the best medication treatments according to your medical history, allergies along with many others.

NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications) are the mainstay of medical treatments for the relief of back pain. Ketoprofen, naproxen, lbuprofen along with many others are available. There may be possibility that no particular NSAID has been shown to be more effective for the control of back pain than another. Your doctor can only decide that which kind of NSAID are best suited for you and they can switch from one NSAID to another based on your medical history. Acetaminophen is considered effective for treating acute pain. For the long terms use, NSAIDs may have several side effects such as kidney damage, gastric irritation.

Opioid analgesics are also considered as one of the best option for pain control especially back pain control. There are several side effects in using these drugs like decreased reaction time, clouded judgment, dependence, sedation and nausea. Constipation is one of the most arduous side effects, which        occurs in a large percentage of peoples in United States along with rest of the world. Muscle relaxants may also be more effective in the back pain treatment but it is not superior to NSAIDs. You can’t get any additional benefits in treating with muscle relaxants in comparison to NSAID as far as back pain treatments are concerned.

COX-2 inhibitors like celecoxib (celebrex) which are one of the most selective members of NSAIDs are also very helpful in the treatments of back pains. Although, they are expensive in comparison to other kinds of treatments but it’s considered as one of the most effective treatments from the long terms perspective. Long term safety involves for the people who are suffering from heart attack or stroke. For such situations, these kinds of treatment are considered as one of the best options for anybody.           

 Millions of people suffer from back pain relief, knee, back, neck and joint pain and the number of those who suffer are increasing exponentially. Unfortunately, traditional care has failed to improve these statistics. For more information please visit: lower back pain


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