Low Rise Jeans for Men

The fashion statement of low cut, or low rise, jeans on men is a very definite one. These jeans say both, “I’m hip and young,” as well as “I’m in shape, check me out”. While most of us men don’t want to imagine our pants talking, those are the statements that low rise jeans are supposed to make. However, like any particular item of clothing, you have to be careful with what you want it to say, and what it will actually say about you.

First and foremost, low rise jeans are meant to be worn by men who are in shape. This isn’t to say that you look okay, or that you look good for your age. Low rise jeans are what men wear when they want to show off their abs. If you don’t have a smooth stomach (though clean cut, 6 pack abs are better) then low rise jeans probably aren’t going to make you look better. All they’ll do is emphasize the flaws in your belly fat, which is not something most men want. In addition, men who are thin and rangy are probably going to benefit the most from low rise jeans. They can be worn by broader, more muscular men, but they’re usually meant to emphasize how thin a person is.

Also, low rise jeans are primarily meant for younger men. For those who spend a great deal of time in the gym and take good care of themselves, men in their 30’s could pull off the low rise jeans look. Most of the time though, low rise jeans are meant for guys in their teens and 20’s. They’re a younger fashion statement which emphasizes physical attributes, and carries an attitude of the sexual with it. These jeans however look silly on most older men, even if they have the body to pull the look off. It’s like older women who still wear tight, leather pants. Often times even if they have the body for it, it’s a fashion statement that belongs to younger women.

All of that being said, there are certain ways to wear low rise jeans to get the maximum effect of them. First of all, the jeans should be the star of your outfit. They can be accessorized with a tight fitting tee shirt, and a tasteful leather belt with a noticeable buckle for a maximum effect. The point should be to bring the attention to the man’s waist, and the fit of the jeans. Don’t make them overly complicated by adding patches, wallet or watch chains, or anything else… let the jeans do the work of making you look good.

For those men who don’t meet the above pre-requisites, which is to say those who don’t have the emo/punk/rock star look that these jeans nearly demand, find another look. Any fashion should emphasize your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses. If you can do that with low rise jeans than that’s good for you… but if not, don’t try to convince yourself and others that you can.


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