Lower Abs Workouts

Many people find themselves quite disappointed with their abs workout which doesn’t seem to provide their expected result. With months of doing an exercise routine which doesn’t seem to make their tummies’ flat, most people would just quit doing what they have already started.

Here is a guide on how to make abs workout more effective and successful:

  • People should feel that their stomachs are contracting and bending, if not, this simply means that they are not doing their exercise routine correctly. Always be sure that the right body posture and position is achieved in order for the muscles to move and contract. To make sure that the abs muscles are properly targeted with the exercise routine, people should feel that the part of their stomach is getting tired, with a feeling that it has been strained due to repetitive movement.
  • Never attempt to do advanced abs workouts. Just like in any kind of exercise program, it is important to take things gradually. Only advance if the body has already adapted to this strenuous activity. The most common mistake of people is that they force themselves to perform advanced abs exercise without even graduating from the beginner’s workout program.
  • If there is a recurring pain being felt in the lower back, patient should immediately stop their abs workout since this pain may be a result from some underlying medical condition. When there is a serious backache, people should seek their doctor’s advice in order to reveal if there is some health problems.
  • Abs workout requires focus and concentration. This should be done slowly, feeling each muscle contraction. One of the most common mistakes of people is that they based their exercise from how much they had performed the routine. Certified trainers would often tell people that quality workout far outweighs the quantity of performance.
  • Breathe slowly. Always breathe in and out according to the rhythm of the workout performance.

Here are some of the most popular abs workouts:

  • Leg raises target lower back, hips, and buttocks. There are many ways people can do this routine. They can lie on their back and slowly raise their legs (this is great for beginners). People can also do this while hanging and then slowly raising both their legs (ideal only for those who are already in advanced workout). And lastly, they can do this while lying on their side (place the other hand to support the head) and then slowly raising one of their legs.
  • Using stationary bicycle or even outdoor biking can effective tone the muscles from the stomach. Always remember to start this exercise gradually, this means that people should only cover a shorter distance, and after every few weeks, they can gradually cover longer distance.
  • Sit-ups can be done anywhere as long as the surface is flat. People should lie on their back and place their hands from their chest (never place the hands on the head or neck as a support). Make sure that the muscles from the abs are contracting.

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