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Lowering cholesterol with different types of supplements

A comprehensive cholesterol treatment integrates requirement of the body to keep cholesterol level and inflammation down in a healthy range. However, you need to do more rather than only controlling high LDL readings in order to prevent heart disease. You need to focus to have a balanced diet combined with anti-inflammatory foods, plenty of vegetables, fruits for getting antioxidants and less sugar. You need to follow this healthy regimen if you want to control your cholesterol level and prevent heart disease. Besides this you can find out many supplements that treat cholesterol.

Things to follow for using supplements

There are several effective supplementations available on the market. However, before you add any of the supplements to your diet, it is crucial to include a diet that consists of 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruits every day. You always try to stay away from processed foods (foods in packs made to sit for a longer period on a grocery shelf), workout, and have enough sleep and sunshine to optimize cholesterol levels in your body. Many individuals think that once their diet improves, cholesterol levels automatically improve, especially, HDL.

Find out various supplements to lower cholesterol  

Red yeast rice extract :

The Red yeast rice extract is the product which most statin cholesterol medicines are derived from. This supplement is very useful in lowering cholesterol. If you use it, you will experience fewer side effects compared to statins. If you want to have effective results, you must not take red rice yeast extract together. Or else, this can cause side effects and you will not get any health benefits.

Vitamin B3:

You can opt for taking vitamin B-3 (niacinamide, niacin) 500- 3,000mg regularly. Niacin is a good choice because it brings down the bad cholesterol and triglycerides and elicits the good cholesterol. Daily intake of niacin can cause side effect of flushing (a warmth and inflammation of the face triggered by dilation of the capillary). That depends on the dose and varies within the condition of the patient. Flushing will decrease as the treatment continues. Another type of B-3 vitamin is inositol hexanicotinate. Niacin controls this reaction. At first, you can start with a daily dose of 500- 100 mg. If your goals are not met, the dose can be increased. If you think, you require higher doses of niacin, you should get your liver enzymes monitored to ensure that your liver can tolerate this.


Cinnamon is the effective supplement that controls cholesterol level to a great extent. It is a great source of antioxidant. Cinnamon supplement can reduce blood sugar levels, increase insulin production and lower cholesterol levels. You may fear that cinnamon contains harmful toxic properties that cause side effects. But, this supplement is produced using a technique that removes toxic particles. It retains all the active compounds and therefore, it is safe for daily use.

Fish oils

These lower triglycerides and inflammation. Fish oils can raise the HDL cholesterol, which is very adamant to alter. These supplements can benefit your heart and brain directly. You should combine this with exercise to get the best result.

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