Lowering Costs On Sports Car Insurance Premiums


Authored by Content Cookie in Insurance
Published on 04-14-2009

All vehicles need insurance coverage if they have to travel on the road. It is mandatory for cars to get insurance according to the law of the land. It might be okay if you skip that insurance bit while living in some remote area of the country away from the prying eyes of the law. However, as things are likely to turn out, you would need to take your car to the town or on the highway. That is where the real problem starts. You would inevitably get caught by the highway police. So in order to have a comfortable and stress free life, you must insure your vehicle.

While taking out car insurance, you must know that the premium rates vary according to the make of your vehicle and the make of its engine. The sports variety of cars have the highest premiums. This is because they have more powerful engines and are more liable to have accidents. However, if you do have a sports car and would like its premium reduced, you may note the following points carefully.   

A sports car is granted insurance by an insurance company by its engine size and the likelihood or levels of damages that can be caused by its great speed. Again, the sports car can be more expensive to repair. This is because the damages occurring due to the impact can be quite severe on its body parts and accessories. Additionally, the spare parts and accessories are more costly in a sports car than that of other vehicles. Therefore, an insurance company would unhesitatingly charge a high premium on the car insurance policy. In order to avoid the heavy charges on the premiums, it should be your first priority to convince the insurance officer about your sports car.

First of all, you must go around shopping for the best insurance firm that almost, if not fully, agrees to a lower premium. Again, if it is strictly a sports car for the track or the highway, then there is no option available in front of you. However, you may be driving a sports car out of fancy or simply own a vehicle that looks like one. This is your best bet to get the premium lowered. Incidentally, insurance companies seem to believe that any car with two doors is a sports car.

For car enthusiasts there is a need to openly discuss various types of cars. If possible promote yours as not a typical sports car, but made for fancy purposes at best. Care should be taken that you are quite well versed in cars and can convince the insurance company that you have a genuine reason to say what you are saying. Under no circumstances should you lie to an officer.

Again, go for a comprehensive package deal which would bring down the premium considerably. Also give greater consideration for deductibles. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium as a rule. Finally, try to convince them that your sports car is to be used only for modest driving purposes and vanity, and not for you to burn rubber on city roads. 


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