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Authored by Marius Preda in Web Hosting
Published on 12-29-2008

Lunarpages offers various packages to address different user’s demands and requirements. It also uses dual core processors for a much reliable backup.

Being a web host of over 150,000 customers worldwide, the Lunarpages also consists of more than 2,500 servers with three data centers: Los Angeles, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Riverside, California.

The company has a 656,000 square feet data center which is located in Los Angeles. This place has long been considered as the foremost communication hub which boasts of one of the world’s leading networks. The center also has a cooling system of 150 Watts per square foot, back-up power supply in case of electric disruption, fire detection system—this could be a fortress where servers are highly secured.

The web hosting company provides round-a-clock technical assistance to make sure that every problem of their customers will be met while providing a high-performing server.

The Lunarpages has some promo to offer to its clients. For every customer referral of a user, he/she will be awarded with $65, and for every referral for advertiser, the person will be awarded with $5.

For people who are having difficulties in building their own site, the Lunarpages’s offers features and services that are easy to use. The clients can personally choose what will be the layout design of his/her web site, and within two hours, it would already be published online.

The web host offers Image Gallery, Blog, and Shopping Cart—all of these are known to help maximize the promotion of a good and service of a certain company. Other added features that prove to be advantageous to customers are free domain registration (lifetime), technical support provided by web designer specialist (30 minutes for every month), and five email accounts. Another outstanding offer it has is the templates which are provided every week to allow customers to have a unique web design.

The Lunarpages provides these following services: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller program, Windows, and the most recent, the VPS hosting package.

All these web hosting service plans provide different needs of each user. This is a short rundown of each package and its description:

  • Fundamental Web Hosting is highly-suitable for users with small-scale business, first time webmasters, and bloggers. This service plan features Apache 2 and SSH.
  • Windows VPS Hosting is designed to cater webmasters who require ASP.NET, higher resource usage, and RAM.
  • Dedicated Servers are for professional webmasters. It features SSH and enormous storage capacity.
  • Reseller Hosting is for branded web hosting company.
  • Windows Hosting provides these features: SmarterMail Enterprise, ASP.net & FrontPage. The first three months of service comes for free.
  • VPS Hosting or an acronym for Virtual Private Server is made to support web sites with high traffic and resource demands.
  • Business Hosting provides E-commerce feature which makes it suitable for medium- to large-scale businesses. It has 15,000 Gigabytes of transfer, plus Apache 2 and SSH.
  • LPQuicksite provides instant web site in minutes; highly-recommended for people who demands fast service.

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