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Luxe by MOO Premium Business Cards Reviewed


Luxe by MOO Premium Business Cards Open Box

Not too long ago, the good folks at MOO.com asked if I would be interested in checking out their new line of premium business cards called Luxe by MOO.  The timing worked out well since I was getting low on my current stock of business cards so I jumped on the chance to upgrade to some awesome premium business cards.  For complete transparency I just wanted to let you know that these were provided free of charge from Moo.com.


Luxe by MOO Premium Business Cards Unboxing

From the moment I started placing my order through MOO, I realized that not only were these going to be premium business cards, but they were also backed by premium service.  The website is designed in a way that makes it incredibly easy to create or upload your own design for your Luxe premium business cards.  Additionally, the live chat person on the other end of their customer service chat patiently and helpfully answered my questions  They even took the final step of actually looking at my submitted order to make sure that everything would turn out exactly how I expected.  Once I cracked open the package from MOO.com I saw that in addition to the excellent service they provide, they put a ton of care and consideration into their elegant packaging with the neatly presented box of cards adorned with a satin ribbon complete with faux wax seal.  So far so good.


Luxe by MOO Premium Business Cards Box

Inside the actual shipping box is a smaller box with a magnetic flap closure on the front that contains 50 of your premium business cards.  The box itself is a pretty solidly constructed holster that would look clean, neat, and nice on just about any desk or in any work environment.


Luxe by MOO Premium Business Cards Box Counter

Something really cool inside of the box (click the picture to get a closer look) is that they have included a little vertical graduated marking system that counts down how many cards you have left so you know when you should start thinking about a re-order.  Speaking of re-ordering and timing, I have to mention that from the time I submitted my order, it took only 7 days for the cards to show up in my mailbox, pretty impressive to have a set of premium business cards printed and shipped so quickly.


Luxe by MOO Premium Business Cards Comparison

You might wonder what exactly puts these into the category of being premium business cards, so let me explain the picture above.  What you are looking at on the left is a stack of 50 of the MOO Luxe premium business cards.  On the right there is a stack of 50 standard business cards.  Notice how much thicker the stack of MOO Luxe cards is on the left there?  They are made with a very high quality Mohawk 32pt paper which puts them at about the thickness of a credit card.  Just holding the card in your hand you can immediately sense that this is a different world of business cards that put to shame just about any other competing product you have probably ever owned or held.  Another thing that makes these cards so unique can be seen if you click on the above photo, and that is that there is a color ribbon that runs through the middle of the card.  It looks like you have a thick sheet of color slipped between the front and back of your business card which I think makes for a very nice and unique visual.


Luxe by MOO Premium Business Cards Front

When it came time to design my MOO Luxe premium business cards I reached out to our good friend Tom Oddo from Goldspot who also happens to run his own graphic design services called Oddo Ink.  Tom was able to put my vision that I conveyed to him via email into a perfect representation of what I was looking for.  The concept was to put the .com information onto a business card that looked like it was all done with a pen, pencil, and a sheet of loose leaf paper.  I also wanted to include a back side that gave the illusion of some show-through of the image on the front.  Obviously with high quality 32pt. stock nothing is going to really show through, so Tom was able to design the back so it would have a faint mirror image of the front on it.  Its worth noting that although I got all of my cards to look the same on the front and the back, MOO allows you to have multiple different backs to your cards (in groups of 50) so you can add some variety to them.


Luxe by MOO Premium Business Cards Back

I’m pretty thrilled with how these cards came out, I think MOO.com sets the bar for premium business cards with their Luxe offering.  I think the only obvious and minor disadvantage of these cards is that due to their thickness you wont be able to squeeze as many into your wallet or card case as usual.  That is a small sacrifice to make when you get such a high quality and premium product in return.  If you are looking for a memorable, high quality, ultra premium business card, I don’t think you can do any better than the MOO.com Luxe cards.  If you need any design services to go along with it definitely give our friend Tom at Oddo Ink a shout.

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