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Lv 2011 handbag collection full of chinese elements

  • By ben CJ
  • Published 03/30/2011
  • Copywriting

LV deserves to be called the name of handbags. It is always the fashion leader in the handbag world and tells about the new trends. This time, LV handbag rage can be shown in the design of more unique handbags from which you can feel the very special Chinese-wind.Continuing with the usual color style of former handbag designs, this time, deep and solid colors are used to achieve more mature and elegant flair.Genuine stingray skins which are full of vigorous colors are applied in this handbag collection. More impressively, fabulous designs of flower-de-luce which are full of Chinese elements are involved to make more difference. Also, floral prints and crystal embellishments are charming enough to show feminine beauty and elegance.The patterns of the bags are more simple but not in poor taste. The fine leather and shiny metal embellishments on the bag body all show the high quality and elegant flair of the feminine bags.Different handler designs are available for you to choose from according to your own preference. If you are fond of carrying bags by hand, you can choose the following ones. But if you would like to take your bag on shoulders, you can choose the bags with shoulder chain.The most impressive bag in this collection is the last one which is designed into a ball shape. When I see it at my first sight, I even cannot believe it is a bag. Featuring black and silver crystalline glass which is designed with handmade Monogram patterns, the bag is really full of preserving value.These LV bags nopicture-4727547

fashion collection of 2010 aiden

by ben CJ



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