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Lv bags: real or copy

  • By xixi lin
  • Published 05/31/2011
  • Article Writing

Possessing a mega brand bag like LV will cost plenty of money. We are not rich enough, wishing it cost-effective. It is known to everyone, markets are full of copied ones. Therefore, an ordinary and practical method to distinguish the real LV bags from copy ones has important significance. Do not worry, I have some tips for choosing the veritable ones. First: Watch the surface As we are not the expert on leather things, the method of smelling whether it is made of real high-quality cow leather could not work well. Careful enough, you can part the right bags through the depth of leather’s figure. Via classic four leaves flower, LV bags are popular supported. The real ones’ leather is soft and has homogeneous vesicles, while the imitations’ leather is not really a texture. The four leaves flowers on the surface of bags are yellow green, and formed by parallel slash which is constituted of small spots, while the mockers are brown and hard in the lines. Second: Recognize from the hardware Bags from the store which is selling LV bags specially have the hardware with the color of green golden copper, not very blink but a little dim, when the copies are bright golden yellow. But not all the real ones follow this rule. The new styles’ hardware is usually bright, yet they have good quality. The letter of “LV” is three-dimensional, and tidy; the edge of letters is sharp. We can see the difference from the picture under. Third: Check the serial number Every real LV bag has a unique serial number on the insignificant place. It is composed of two letters and four numbers. The letters stand for which country it is made in. While the second and forth number is on the behalf year, the first and third number means the week. For example: SF 1011, it means this bag is made in French in the eleventh week of the year 2001. On the above is some method to distinguish the real LV bags. While good quality, big brand, and adapting to all suits of LV bags, to possessing one is a good choice. To avoid buying a copy bag costing thousands of money, you have to do some research before deciding.Do you like to have your own -Gucci handbags on sale at very cheap price? Visit -http://www.bestbagsbuy.ru to check out the most recent collection and enjoy shopping there.


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