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Lynx body spray and other products

  • By Emily Inglis
  • Published 06/30/2012

Lynx body spray comes in a wide array of powerful fragrances. Each stylish product has its own specific design and colour scheme, as well as a unique scent. The Lynx formula leaves you feeling refreshed and girls can’t get enough of that potent smell. Lynx offers specifically fragranced body sprays that have matching deodorants, shower gels, and more and many more for a full collection.

There are also quite a few other products to choose from Lynx collection. For example, Lynx shampoo can be perfectly paired with cream gels and styling tubs. There is also the Lynx 2012 fragrance, which is a limited edition scent for those daring few. Lynx Attract has the freshness of fruit to draw the opposite sex.

For a truly unique fragrance, Lynx Excite takes things in a whole new direction. This fragrance actually changes throughout the day, keeping things interesting. The fragrance is layered, and features green accords and woody base notes.

Lynx Africa is a particularly varied line. This spicy fragrance comes in a body spray, antiperspirant spray, stick and roll-on, aftershave, and shower gel. One can layer the scent to really heighten the effect. There is also Lynx night, which is cool and clean. This comes in both a body spray and a shower gel. Lynx Dark Temptation is another sexy fragrance, which comes as a body spray, antiperspirant spray and roll-on, cologne, and shower gel.

The Lynx website doesn’t just offer enticing descriptions of its products; there is an entire page devoted to Lynx videos. The trendy Lynx 2012 ad is a one-minute long montage of a man living in a post-apocalyptic world. Once he liberally sprays his Lynx 2012 cologne – the “final edition” of this product – a bunch of gorgeous women come out of the woodwork, eager to be with the last man on Earth.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is writing about the Lynx body spray



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