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Lynx RollOn

  • By Emily Inglis
  • Published 07/29/2012

Unwanted perspiration is a problem that all people have to deal with at times. It does not matter whether you are a barrister, chemist, estate agent, athlete or simply a student, the appearance of sweat in clothing is just plain embarrassing. For those who have tried many different deodorants and antiperspirant products without great success, there is an alternative that is both affordable and powerfully effective. This product is made by Lynx, a subsidiary of Unilever, one of the world’s leaders in products for hygiene, health and beauty.

Lynx roll-on antiperspirant is an exceptional protector for almost anyone’s needs. First, there are multiple versions of the product with something for everyone. Lynx Full Control Roll-on is a simple dry roll-on product that is rubbed gently under one’s armpits to confidently provide protection against wetness and odour. In fact, it is one of the most highly regarded products on the market according to consumers who have used it!

For those who are interested in strong protection against annoying sweat and want to have a nice unique scent, Lynx offers the Excite, Instinct, Twist, Dark Temptation, Africa and newly released Sharp Focus versions of the roll-on line. Excite has a nice clean scent that people love. Instinct and Twist are perfume-scented versions of the product that are perfect for a night out on the town while Dark Temptation is highly recommended for date nights. Africa is a remarkable amber scent that is great for the outdoorsman who enjoys traditional sporting activities and still wants to smell nice.

Sharp Focus is a great step forward as products go. This Lynx Roll-on product is considered effective for up to 24 hours of protection, something that other brands charge a great deal more for in what they call “Clinical” versions of their products. With Sharp Focus, a person can leave home for a long night without fear of odorous sweat interrupting an otherwise adventurous night.

About the Author : Emily Inglis is writing about the Lynx roll-on



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