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Made in the UK

  • By Alexandra Thomas
  • Published 04/17/2012

Maybe it’s because the eyes of the world are upon Britain this year or maybe it’s because everyone has finally cottoned onto the great design talent we have in this country but pieces with the Made in the UK tag have never been so popular. From designer furniture to cushions and wallpaper, our home grown talent is some of the best in the world.

Designer furniture

Of course with such luminary greats such Sir Terence Conran and Matthew Hilton hailing from these shores Britain has never been far from the forefront of great modern furniture. The new breed of furniture designers however are insisting on their furniture being made in the UK. From upcycler extraordinaire Zoe Murphy who turns vintage pieces into works of art from her showroom in Margate to Mark Product based in Cornwall with 80% of their pieces being made in the county.


Surface design has never been more important and it seems everyone has finally embraced pattern which is great because two of our most important wallpaper designs are making their products here in the UK. Mini Moderns goes from strength to strength will their range which are perfect for both kids and adults alike. While Miss Print’s interpretation of retro design in an array of stunning shades are also made in also made in the UK reinforcing the point manufacturing is just as important as design.


Stoke on Trent, home of the potteries is once again one of the most important manufacturing hubs in the UK. While Spode took most of its production to the Far East, the acquisition by Portmeirion Group meant bringing back the production of the iconic Blue Italian pattern to its rightful home. Likewise much of Portmeirion’s pattern Botanic Garden is made in the bustling Stoke factory.


While mass kitchens might be affordable you can bet your bottom dollar they’re not made in the UK. Plain English designs however are made in their Suffolk workshops by joiners using century old methods. There are five collections to choose from and they can be finished in an array of colours.


The trend for utility chic shows no sign of abating so it’s good news that two of the biggest manufacturers of this style of lighting are based in the UK. Davey Lighting, who started off designing maritime lights, is based in Oxford while Original BTC manufacture their delicate range of bone china shades in Stoke on Trent.

About the Author : Provenance has never been so important so Features Editor for Furnish.co.uk Alexandra Thomas takes a look at everything from modern furniture to accessories being made in the UK.



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