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Magento Models Helpful For Ecommerce Website Development

  • By juliana fontana
  • Published 06/11/2012

Since e-commerce website development needs online auction and payment gateway, magento models suits best for your e-commerce website development solution. Magento Auction module makes it possible to create auction(s) in your magento website development webshop. It simply adds additional attributes to the products. For handling auction settings in the magento website development backend. Magento Auctions are only available for customers who have registered with the magento website development webshop, and therefore every Auction bid is registered correctly, and linked to that website development user.

At auction method entry point magento provides context-based URI model loading for e-commerce website development. In that case magento offers a special way to instantiate Models, helpers and blocks using static factory methods on the global Mage class. In magento default setting model has string like ‘catalog/product’ which is called grouped class name named as URI. Here the catalog defines in which modules the class resides and product defines which class should be loaded for your e-commerce website development. So magento catalog resolves e-commerce website development issues by defining class name which start with magento catalog followed by model product and then magento add website development product in final class name. This rule remains same for each module’s configuration file of your e-commerce website development. When you create your own custom Module, you’ll have to create your own grouped classnames to work with e-commerce website development solutions.

Magento models offer an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) system. ORMs allow you to manipulate a datastore purely through PHP code and you do not need to write hard SQL code to maintain your website development webshop. In this case magento ORM uses PHP’s getPrice and setPrice method. In previous method magento only allows catalog and product class, which is now expanded here by adding custom PHP magento website development models. Calling the getPrice method allows you to get the model attribute price. Calling the setPrice method allows you to set the model attribute price. If you want to get all the available data on a model then getData function will help you to get an array of all the website development attributes. Magento ORM will also allows you to get query for various website development objects via collections interface. You can add field and filter value to determine multiple website development objects.

Magento website development has addAttributeToSelect properties which allows you to select the columns which you want from database or you can set addAttributeToSelect(‘*’) to get all columns. Magento website development has two broad types of model objects. One is a traditional “One Object, One Table” Active Record style Model. When you go through these magento website development models, all attributes are automatically selected from database. The second type of Model is an Entity Attribute Value (EAV) Model. EAV Models extend data over a wide number of different tables in the database. This model offers flexible approach to magento website development system. This allows you to doing not more changes in attribute when you add a new product in your magento website development.

Magento helper class is a wonderful system for magento website development which allows utility method to perform common tasks on objects and variables. Each Module has a default Data Helper class. Magento uses this helper class in magento website development to retrieve some useful information such as your website development URL, name, group etc. So when you want to update your magento website development then you can just override with your helper class. It is similar as you can override with block and model override. Now with this whenever magento helper checkout data is called it will gives instant result with overridden data instead of default magento helper checkout data.

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