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Magento Website Development Useful For Multi Domain Website Setup

  • By juliana fontana
  • Published 06/16/2012

Magento provides stunningly powerful e-commerce website development platform. Website development with magento e-commerce software provides best B2B and B2C solutions. Magento website development has a wonderful facility with which you can handle multi store website. Magento multi store website development gives you full access to list all store across all categories, and also to group them in categories. With Magento website development’s multistore facility you can run your website as an electronic mall and keep your product data up to date on a daily basis and add or edit items in your store.

Magento e-commerce software adds out of the box feature in your website development fundamentals. Today one of the most popular and challenging features such as the multi-store (multiple front-ends, one back-end) system used by many web developers in their website development project. This can easily alter a single website into multiple stores or online e-store. For example you could split one big store into: one store for children, one store for men and one store for women. You can design Each of those website development stores could have different currencies and languages, all are controlled from one admin panel, so as you can see Magento is very flexible and cost effective solution for your website development.

To setup multiple domains in your magento website development you must first read magento installation website development guide. You first install magento in your server. After this the website development process will begin and it will be divided into the areas of configuration which consist namely, Categories, Store Configuration in magento admin and store configuration in the server. Here first we will discuss about website development categories. Here we first define root category for our website development and then divided our sub categories under this root category. These website development categories should be set as both “Is Active” from the general information tab and “Is Anchor” from the display settings tab for them to appear on the frontend of your Magento shop.

Now second part involve with store configuration in your magento admin panel. By successfully creating categories we now create our magento website by going into the system, manage store and then click on website development button. Here it will require domain name of your website development. Website development domain name code which include a parameter that will be used in configuring the Apache web server to point to that particular website development domain name. Once your website development part is created then we will add store in your website development just by clicking create store button in your magento website development dashboard. After the website development store has been created, we need to configure the unsecure base URL and Secure Base website development URL. Before we set their respective website development base URLs, we first need to ensure that the website development configuration scope is set to the domain1.com website to define which site we are working on. After this we need to modify our both secure and unsecure website development URL base. By applying the same explained method we can easily create multiple domains for our magento website development by replacing the fields with their respective information.

The final step we need to apply is to apply magento website development store configuration in the web server. For this we need to re-configure the Apache configuration file, for all website development domains to set the document root to our magento directory. Now you must restart your apache server to see all these website development backend in our magento website development store. In this way magento website development company helps you to build your online e-store. To know more about magento website development company come at www.attuneinfocom.com and see how our magento expert guide you to build online e-store.


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