Magic Jack Internet Phone Review

The Magic Jack Internet Phone is a computer peripheral device that plugs into the UBS port of your computer. The telephone cable from your landline telephone is then also plugged into the Magic Jack. Using VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, the telephone is enabled to make local and long distance telephone calls without the use of a conventional telephone company.

The Magic Jack Internet Phone can only be purchased online. The device costs $40, which includes one year of local and long distance service. For subsequent years, the charge is $20 per year. Service includes call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, directory assistance and emergency assistance. No special prefixes or access codes are needed to make calls.

After purchasing your Magic Jack Internet Phone, a new telephone number will be issued to you. Your existing telephone number cannot be used. This is seen by many as one of the disadvantages of the Magic Jack Internet Phone. (This problem can, however, be solved by employing the use of a service which can forward calls from your existing telephone number to your new Magic Jack Internet Phone number. The cost is usually about $10 per month.)

International calls can also be made at no charge using the Magic Jack Internet Phone. The recipient of your international call must also have a Magic Jack Internet Phone plugged into the USB port of their computer.

As is the case with most services using VOIP technology, a high speed internet connection, such as DSL, WiFi or cable internet, is required. The Magic Jack Internet Phone cannot be used with dial-up internet service, and satellite internet is not recommended.

Satisfied users of the Magic Jack Internet Phone have enjoyed the cost savings of this service, and have also reported that the sound quality of the device is comparable to that of conventional telephone service.

However, some Magic Jack Internet Phone users have been less than pleased with the purchase of this device and its service.

Users have reported that telephone calls using Magic Jack Internet Phone lasting longer than sixty minutes are frequently dropped. Users have also described unacceptable sound quality and dropped calls when their computer is simultaneously engaged in another task such as downloading a file or playing a computer game. More importantly, it has been reported that emergency calls to 911 from Magic Jack Internet Phone devices have been occasionally interrupted, making this service appear unreliable to many.

Some unhappy users have stated that it was necessary to reboot their computers each morning to obtain Magic Jack Internet Phone service. Others have complained that, when unplugging and re-plugging the Magic Jack Internet Phone, their computers would freeze or not recognize their Magic Jack Internet Phone connections.

Still others have reported conflicts with firewall software and other software programs, requiring the uninstallation and re-installation of these software programs.

However, the main dissatisfaction among users is the fact that when internet service is disabled due to a power outage, Magic Jack Internet Phone service is also disabled. During these occasions, if an emergency arises, Magic Jack Internet Phone users would be unable to communicate with their police or fire departments.

The general public consensus if that the Magic Jack Internet Phone, with all of its pros and cons, is an ideal telephone service to use for free long distance calls, but is too unreliable to use as a complete replacement for conventional telephone service.


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