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Magic Whiteboard Review


The Magic Whiteboard Writing Sample

I’ll start off by apologizing for my lack of, and also horrible photography on this review.  Usually I like to use my own pictures so you can see that I’ve actually tested out the products that I am reviewing, but I’m not the best photographer and I do have limited resources and skills.  Trying to photograph a giant shiny white object is a bit beyond my ability here.  With that out of the way, what we are looking at today is the Magic Whiteboard, which is a pretty cool product.


Unrolling the Magic Whiteboard

The Magic Whiteboard product itself is quite simple.  It is a 23.4″ high roll of 10 31.5″ wide sheets of a very thin material that uses static electricity to cling to any smooth flat and hard surface.  Because there is no adhesive, it leaves no marks behind.  Each of the 31.5″ wide sheets is easily torn using the perforations cut into them, and the roll of all 10 sheets is extremely light.  The fact that it is so light makes it great for someone who might do a lot of travel for work in a consulting role.  I think the ideal use for this product is for any group situation where you may be unsure what your surroundings might be for a meeting, and where it is more of a brainstorming session rather than a “professional” type presentation.


Magic Whiteboard Roll

The product comes in two sizes, there is a 65 Foot Roll of Magic Whiteboard, and a 26 Foot Roll of Magic Whiteboard available, and my sample I should point out was sent to me compliments of the manufacturer.  I did find it fairly easy to separate the sheets using the perforations on the roll, although I did manage to make a small and unintended rip here and there when I tried to do it too quickly or didn’t pay attention to what I was doing.

When writing on the Magic Whiteboard I was impressed with how it performed, although I will say that you need to be careful about where you place it.  The static cling does allow you to move it around and put it almost anywhere with a hard flat surface. You do need to be careful that you put it somewhere that is smooth and flat, or else you will have to deal with things like old nail holes in a wall, or other small bumps in paint or even the most minimal texture on the surface you place this on.

I think the Magic Whiteboard product is great for situations where you are in an unknown or not ideal situation and need some whiteboard space.  It is definitely not a replacement for a full “real” whiteboard in an office or classroom.  These are also more environmentally friendly than using and throwing out large flip chart papers, as they can be re-used up to 20 times each.  This is definitely an innovative and useful product for many situations though, so thanks to the folks at Magic Whiteboard for sending this over.

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