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Magicdraw your uml modeling solution

  • By Raymond Hertz
  • Published 02/22/2010
  • Tools and Resources
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Industry standards-compliance and support: MagicDraw supports UML 2 metamodel, the latest XMI standard model for data storage and the most popular programming languages for implementation. Historically, MagicDraw is always the first to fully support new standards from bodies such as the OMG and W3C. Unlike other UML modeling and architecture environments, MagicDraw makes it easy for you to deploy a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) environment that best suits the needs of your business. Our fanatical approach to standards and our Open API makes it easy for you to integrate with applications that work together, best supporting the needs of your business. We integrate with many leading products: IDEs, requirements, testing, estimation, MDD, database, and others.

Independence from specific development methodology: MagicDraw provides independence from any specific software development process, conforming nicely to your company process; allowing centralization of business and process modeling, requirements capture and design. MagicDraw is not tied to any one phase of your project. Start MagicDraw from any point in your architecture and modeling process; it doesn’t matter, for example, if your project is presently in a r

equirements or maintenance phase.

Usability, intuitiveness and short learning period: MagicDraw provides intuitive controls within a very well designed GUI which allows the users to get on with modeling without having to spend time learning about the controls. Experience how quickly you get used to MagicDraw. Ease of use is a strong characteristic of MagicDraw, as expressed many times by MagicDraw users. Don’t lose valuable schedule to a learning curve; spend that time being productive instead of fighting the logic of another tool.

Price for the value!

Productivity enhancing features, best customer support, robustness and ease-of-use makes MagicDraw the best value and the right choice for businesses of any size.

About the Author:

MagicDraw supports UML modeling solution metamodel, the latest standard XMI model for data storage and the most popular programming languages for implementation.Software modeling tool design can be appealing challenge with a good and inexpensive UML modeling tool. MagicDraw UML can do comprehensive UML diagramming, reverse and forward engineering for Java and C++. This modelling tool can perform UML model design analysis. You can learn this UML design tool in a single day.



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