Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus The Best Budget Movie Making Software with YouTube Output Feature


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Software
Published on 12-29-2008

Most video editing software tend to concentrate on output to DVD or mobile devices. However, Magix goes a step further, and provides direct output to YouTube. For newbies this is certainly an added convenience because they don’t have to worry about getting the best settings for their YouTube videos. In that sense, Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus stands apart from the rest.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus has been voted by many leading PC magazines as the best budget video editing software with pro features. Since it made its debut some years back, it has won a total of 65 awards.

Apart from the YouTube facility, the latest version includes a smart screen capture function. What you can do is capture any Internet video and use it in your video editing project. This is useful when a certain video does not allow you to download it. Magix allows you to save it as a file for future use.

Magix Movie Edit Pro has a cool feature which many video editors will find handy. It is the scene recognition feature. If you have a long video footage with many cuts, all of you have to do is drag the clip into the storyboard panel and activate the scene recognition feature. Magix will then identify all the cuts in the video footage. If you don’t want a certain clip, you would just have to click on it and press the Delete key. This is especially useful if you have recorded footage with television commercials. The scene recognition feature is certainly a timesaver.

Are you looking for a good movie making software for your high definition video? Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus could be the program that meets your needs. Not only does it offer 99 timeline tracks for editing, it also offers support for the AVCHD format. You can even output to High Definition DVD with the built-in disc authoring software. You don’t even have to look for a third-party DVD cover and label making program because Magix has a built-in facility for that.

Similarly if you want to include photos to spice up your videos and want to edit them first, you don’t have to rely on a third-party program. With Magix’s Xtreme Photo Designer 6, you have access to image editing options that will suit your needs.

If at the end of the day, you don’t fancy uploading your videos to YouTube, you can share your private videos through the free MAGIX online album. The album even accepts video in the high definition format.

Other notable features of this versatile software are:

  • Audio Mastering Suite 2.0 for easy audio editing
  • Reallusion iClone 2 SE, which a program that easily allows you to create animated clips for your videos

The exciting features available in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 14 are simply too many to mention. Why don’t you get a free trial of Magix Edit Pro 14 Plus to get a feel of what it can do for your video projects?


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