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Magnetic Glass Weekly Planner Black Dry Erase with White Marker


Black Dry Erase Weekly Planner

Our friends from Three by Three Seattle always like to share their new products with us and our readers, so today we have a pretty cool new item from them.  You have seen us review their Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Weekly Planners before, but this one is different, its actually a Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Weekly Planner that is black with a white dry erase marker.


Black Dry Erase Weekly Planner Writing Sample

As you can see from the writing sample above, the white dry erase marker that comes with this black dry erase board looks really cool because of the great contrast.  The writing experience on the board was slightly challenging because there are some instances when the marker can be a bit finicky.  I found that there were instances when the marker would leave behind a pretty faint line that required a bit of retracing, but to be honest the visual appeal of the white on glossy black far outweighed that minor inconvenience for me.  One alternative to the included white dry erase marker might also be the Expo Neon Dry Erase Markers, which performed pretty well in our tests in the past, but unfortunately I no longer have them so I can’t test them on this product.


Black Dry Erase Weekly Planner- Image via Three by Three Seattle

Measuring 20″x 5.5″,  the magnetic glass weekly planner has a mirror-like glossy finish that was a bit hard to photograph without getting a bit of reflection in it, so I’ve included a professionally done picture direct from the Three by Three Seattle website.  The surface is broken into seven even sections, one for each day of the week, and the board comes with two circular magnets as well as the unique white dry erase marker and the required elements to hang this on your wall.  The Black, Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Weekly Planner  is definitely a pretty unique option that I would recommend if you want your office space to stand out, but I would recommend maybe looking for a different white dry erase marker, or trying out the neon dry erase markers which would probably look pretty cool as well.  Thanks again to our friends at Three by Three for sending over this sample (free of charge) for this review.

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