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Magnetic Paper Clip Ball


Magnetic Paper Clip Ball

Sometimes when I’m looking around for cool office supplies to review, I find something and enthusiastically order it without even doing any further research.  This Magnetic Paper Clip Holder was just one of those situations.  This is a shorter review today, but hopefully it teaches you or reminds you a valuable lesson that I should keep in mind going forward.  Sometimes keeping things short and to the point is the way to go.


Magnetic Paper Clip Ball with Clips

Initially I thought this magnetic paper clip ball was pretty cool looking and would make an awesome desk accessory, so I just blindly ordered it without much thought.  I read the description to see it was made of metal and measured 3″x3″x3″ and that was about it.  As you might be able to start piecing together from the above photo though, the only part that is magnetized is the very top, so the majority of the unit has no magnetic attraction to hold the clips.  The thing that really frustrated me though was finding a similar item that actually looks to be fully magnetized, which you can see here on Amazon.   Overall the item I purchased did a good job, and it does look cool, however as I realize now, impulse purchases are usually a bad idea because in this case for a few bucks more I could have had the same item with a larger magnetic surface.

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