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MAGNETIPS Magnetic Fineliner

I saw these MAGNETIPS Fineliner pens (via Kickstarter) and my honest first reaction was to brush them off, but after looking more closely and reading the whole project page, I gave it some thought and think these might actually be kind of cool.  I’m usually a big fan of anything with super strong neodymium magnets, but hesitate when it comes to “novelty” type pens.  I think the addition of the magnets on these provide a ton of cool functionality though so I thought they were definitely worth sharing here as well as backing myself.


The MAGNETIPS Fineliners will come in two versions, one that is all black with a small band in the middle to indicate what color the ink is, and the other version has bodies that are completely the same color as the ink.


Like I said, there is definitely some silliness or novelty that can be attributed to these, but overall I do think the magnetic functionality adds some nice things besides making spinny toys.  The fact that they can all stick together forming their own storage system instead of requiring a case of some sort is a nice benefit.  But being able to shape them into things like a pen holder or being able to stick them all onto a metal desk or storage cabinet for quick and easy access is really a great feature.


Above is a closer look at the way the pens breakdown in order to refill them.  Since I did back them I’ll probably go for the all black bodies as I really love the contrast of the color bands on the black bodies when they are all capped.


Refills for the MAGNETIPS Fineliner visually appear to be very similar to other standard fineliner refills such as the Monteverde (via Amazon) version, but I wasn’t able to find exact measurements on the MAGNETIPS site so don’t quote me on that.  I’ll definitely give it a try once I back these and get them though.  The refills that the MAGNETIP comes with are stated as being filled with water based ink with tips that measure .4mm.  If you are interested in these, they have already met the funding goal so check them out and give some thought to backing them over on Kickstarter.

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