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MAGNOTE Magnetic Notebook


MAGNOTE Magnetic Notebook Attached

In addition to cool pens and notebooks, I’ve also always had an interest in magnets and the cool things you can do with them.  This new Kickstarter project called the MAGNOTE is a magnetic notebook as you can see in the animation above.  Just as a quick point of clarification, I do often get contacted by people running their Kickstarter projects asking to have me feature their products on the site, however this was not one of those cases.  I came across this one and liked it so I wanted to share.  Also, all of the photos are directly from the Kickstarter page for this project.


MAGNOTE Magnetic Notebook Lay Flat

One of the nice features in addition to the magnetic notebook covers is the fact that these notebooks appear to lay perfectly flat with no bulge in the middle.  This looks great, although the picture above is a little bit hard to really see and pick out where the cover and spine truly start and stop.


MAGNOTE Magnetic Notebook Fountain Pen Friendly

In the next photo, the creators of the MAGNOTE magnetic notebook show some photos that compare the fountain pen friendly nature of the MAGNOTE as compared to that of a traditional Moleskine notebook.  It appears that there is a very minimal amount of show through on the MAGNOTE and it looks pretty promising.  It is hard to say however if the writing itself shows any signs of spreading or feathering.  The issues of show through, spreading, and feathering also depend on the ink used and the nib you are writing with.

The MAGNOTE magnetic notebook is definitely a fun and interesting looking project, so you might want to consider backing it.  I’ve got my eye on this one and one other pen related project that I will probably fund.

As you can see in the widget above, the MAGNOTE campaign is moving along pretty well, and it seems like there is a good amount of momentum and support.  Hopefully this one will get produced and it will turn out to be as cool as it sounds, although any Kickstarter project is always a roll of the dice in terms of the risk you take as an investor, and in the risk that the inventors take in terms of being able to produce their product.

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