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Main World Hockey Championship 2014 arenas

  • By Jane Parker
  • Published 05/17/2012
  • Article Writing

The World Hockey Tournament 2014 will be held in Belarus according to the decision of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The IIHF took this decision in 2009. Belarus was competing with Hungary, Latvia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Belarus is a modern, developing European country where the ice hockey is a very popular kind of sport. The government of our country constructed a great number of ice hockey facilities to promote hockey among the young generation. Almost every school has its own small outdoor ice hockey arena. Each school arranges its own hockey tournament for ice hockey amateurs. Nowadays, Belarusian authorities take all the necessary measures to meet all the requirements of IIHF and host the World Hockey Championship. They built new sport arenas in major Belarusian cities. There are several ice hockey arenas in Minsk: Minsk Ice Sports Palace, Minks Sports Palace, Minsk Arena and Chizhovka Arena.

Minsk Sports Palace had been the main ice hockey arena before the Minsk Arena was built. Minsk Sports Palace was opened in 1966 and today it is a modern universal sports arena, which can be transformed in accordance with the sport event. This sport arena can seat about 3 500 of visitors. Minsk Sports Palace for a long time served as a home for Continental Hockey League (CHL). Nowadays CHL is arranged at Minsk Arena. Minsk Arena is the main ice hockey arena of the country. It was built especially for World Hockey Championship 2014 and today it serves as a main sports facility in Belarus. Minsk Arena is considered to be the biggest ice hockey arena in Europe, as its seating capacity is 15 000. These days Minsk Arena offers a great number of services. It has sport grounds for tennis, table tennis, curling, volleyball as well as fitness halls, SPA rooms, sauna and massage rooms. This arena is also a universal sport facility, which can be transformed according to the event.
Chizhovka Arena is not finished yet but it will be opened in 2013. This sport facility will also serve as a main hockey arena during the World Hockey Tournament 2014. Visit Belarus during the World Hockey Championship and get familiar with its culture and traditions!


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by Jane Parker



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