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Maintain The Cooling System of Your Car Engine

  • By Black Stallion
  • Published 08/14/2012

The engine is always considered to be the most vital part of a vehicle. It is the sole part of the automobile parts that helps in proper functioning of other parts of a car. Hence taking proper care of the car engine is an essential job that the owner should remember. However, the situation may arise where the car suddenly stops with a jerk while driving. This usually happens if the car engine gets overheated. Though certain level of heat does come out from the engine but the excess level may damage the other parts of the car that are attached to the engine. As a result serious damage may occur.

How does this overheating of the car engine happen?

If the cooling system does not function properly, there is a chance that the engine can get overheated. This cooling system actually helps in circulating coolant and helps in dispersing the heat from the engine. Thus preventing rise in temperature so that further damage on the engine doesn’t occur. If the cooling system fails to perform this function, the problem starts appearing in the engine.

Hence checking the cooling system of the engine on regular interval of time is quite essential. However, before you perform any repairing services you need to know about the causes that arise in cooling system which ultimately leads to overheating of the engine.

Factors responsible for damage in cooling system –

Along with the car engine, the owner needs to take proper care of the cooling system. Otherwise, various problems start arriving. Some of the problems are as follows:-

  • Problem in radiator – The car’s radiator is usually attached to the metal fins on the surface of the cooling system. When the air passes by, the fins help in dispersing the heat emitted from the engine. However, after a certain period of time, these fins need to be cleaned up because of the dirt accumulated on the surface of the fins.
  • Problem in Thermostat – Thermostat is usually required to maintain the temperature of the engine. However, this thermostat may get stuck which may block the flow of the coolant to the engine. Ultimately the engine may get overheated.
  • Problem in water pump – Unless the pump attached to the cooling system doesn’t function properly, it will not be able to pump coolant into the engine. As a result it may affect on the air condition system of the car. Hence, next time whenever you will switch on the AC machine of the car, the engine will obviously get over heated.

Solving these problems can actually help in making the cooling system function well. However, knowing about all these problems is not possible for an individual unless the owner has detailed knowledge on automobile technology. Otherwise, get in touch with auto repairs centers for better guidance.

Symptoms of car engine over-heating problem –

However, there are certain symptoms that can actually help you to detect the overheating problem of the car engine. Knowing these factors can actually help you to understand the problem in a much better way:-

  • If the combustion temperature rises above 2000 º F.
  • If the engine gets heated up very fast while driving the car.
  • Leakage in the coolant system

These symptoms can actually help you to detect a problem in the car engine.

Who can help you to solve these problems?

Professional automobile technicians available in Edmonton auto repair can solve the problem in much easier way. These professionals are skilled enough to carry out such automobile jobs.

Author bio: Black Stallion is an automobile engineer by profession. He has been writing for many online publications for the last few years. In his recent articles on import repair services, he shares some useful tips related to such type of services. He often visits Sumarus to draw ideas about these products in details.




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