Maintaining A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy


Authored by Content Cookie in Pregnancy
Published on 01-28-2009

Every married woman cherishes the moment in life when she gets the opportunity to bear a child. It gives her satisfaction and true pleasure in giving birth to someone who she can love and care for and shape into a well rounded individual. It’s always a lovely feeling for any mother. It’s also a very sensitive phase of your life because it’s the process of creation of a whole new life. It involves taking a lot of care, preventive measures and making sensible choices. It definitely requires extraordinary care to bear a healthy child till the delivery actually happens.

Eating is a very important part in pregnancy, as the health and safety of your child depends on what you eat. It’s very important for mothers to learn ways of making their eating truly balanced and inline with the needs of the growing baby. Even the slightest bit of carelessness can cause irreparable damage. This article focuses on communicating to expectant mothers what they need to do or avoid in terms of their dietary habits. Pregnant mothers must firmly adhere to a few don’ts to remain healthy during pregnancy and deliver safely.

Don’t Binge On Junk Food

Wise mothers avoid all types of processed and fried foods that are rich in calories but not in nutrients and secondly, they increase the chances of infection, as this food has been developed commercially. Mothers should prefer home made food that has been prepared hygienically using fresh and clean ingredients. Instead of spending hard earned money on junk food, try to eat nutritious and healthy food during your pregnancy.

Don’t Guzzle Down Caffeine & Alcohol

Come out of your long lasting dependence on caffeine and alcohol during your pregnancy. Caffeine and alcohol interfere with the absorption of folic acid and iron which are so essential for a growing fetus and for the mother as well. Excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol is definitely not recommended during pregnancy.

Don’t Ignore The Balance Diet

Avoid oily and sugar laden food. You may indulge in them once in a while but eating a well balanced diet with a generous amount of vegetables, fruits and fiber everyday would more than make up for your requirement of important vitamins and minerals that go a long way in ensuring the healthy growth of your child.

Don’t Believe In Myths

Very often, the first piece of advice that pregnant women get is to start eating for two. Eating more than your body requires just means that you add on more weight which is neither good for you during pregnancy nor after. There is never a dearth of advice from friends and family. Some may actually be beneficial, but it is always advisable to discuss with your doctor and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Experts have concluded that parental diet goes a long way in protecting a child against some of the most dangerous diseases which include heart disease, diabetes, many types of cancer and obesity. So by eating healthy you will just be doing your child a whole lot of good.


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