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Make an Online Claim to the Injuries Board

It is possible to make a claim to the Injuries Board Ireland online. Before you begin the online application process, you need to have a clear idea about certain things. It also helps if you are aware of the details you need to provide for the assessment of damages to commence. Here are a few useful details in this regard.

You cannot make a claim online in certain circumstances. If you need to make a personal injury claim on behalf of a minor or a fatally injured individual, you cannot do this online. For such personal injury claims, you need to visit the office of the Injuries Board and submit the application form, the medical assessment form and the application fees.

You have to provide the necessary details to make an online claim. To begin the assessment of damages, the Injuries Board must have the following details about the personal injury claim:  

  • Claimant details: Your name, address, gender, contact details, date of birth and occupation
  • Respondent details: The name, address and contact number of the respondent and the relation between the respondent and the claimant, if any
  • Accident details: The date, place and time as well as a brief description of the accident
  • Injury details: Brief description of the injury and the details of the medical attention you sought for it
  • Medical details: The description of any previous injuries, if any
  • Special damage details: The loss of wages, if any, that you suffered due to the accident, and that you want to include in the claim
  • Medical and other expense details: The details of the medical and other expenses that you incurred due to the accident
  • Claimant declaration: The declaration states that the information is accurate and true
  • Payment details: You have to pay the €45 application fees to make the claim to the Injuries Board

You may choose to complete the application as per your convenience. After you provide your basic details, the online application system provides you with a username and password. If you consider it suitable, you may decide to use these details to log in to the application system and fill in the rest of the application form.

Keep in mind that the time limitation for making a claim to the Injuries Board is two years. If you make a claim later than this period, it may not be accepted. It is better to complete the application form as soon as possible.

You must submit the medical assessment form and the application fees. The assessment of damages will not begin unless you submit the medical assessment form and the application fees to the Board. If you think that filling in the online application form will be adequate for this, you are mistaken.

You need to request your treating medical practitioner to fill in the medical assessment form. You need to submit it to the Board along with the application fees, which is €45. This will ensure that the Board takes up the claim for assessment. After this, you will receive a claim number and a receipt for the fees as well.

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Andy Flower is a legal consultant working in Ireland. He provides a brief overview of the way the online application system for accident claims work. If you are looking for legal advice and guidance regarding these matters, you need to consult solicitors in Dublin. For this, he suggests you visit www.lacs.ie/ for more details.


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