Make Money from Stock Photos

Who would have ever known that you could make money from taking photos of your own interest? Yes taking stock photos not only can be a means of pursuing one’s creativity and eye for art but also a means of making income. What an attractive combination! Here are a few tips how you can get started on it right away.

1. Learn how to make basic photos if you are clueless

Enroll in an institution that offers courses about basic photography. Try to search the web for information about this. If that’s too expensive and you want to create bucks with minimal expenses, try grabbing a “how to” book instead. There are tons easy guide books out there you could follow. Ask a professional for recommendations for beginners.

2. Get your equipment ready and starting clicking

Basically all you need is a good old reliable digital camera with at least 5 mega pixels. You would also need a computer where you can load your photos and an internet connection. Once you’ve gotten your tools ready, start practicing and keep on practicing. Keep on clicking. Take photos of about everything you can imagine from a bug, to a busy street, to a sleeping baby and to an oak tree. Collect your photos and make a portfolio out of them. Taking records of what you took from the past and comparing your present work gives you a basis of comparison if you improved. Remember what you keep measuring improves.

3. Look up sites that actually buy photos

There are many sites that buy stock photos. Some buy them for a dollar and some for much, much more. Study their requirements so you can sell your photos to them. Browse there selections and try to appreciate the type of work that they appreciate. Find out what styles are popular in their categories.

4. Build a library of photos

Customize your work style to fit their requirements. Build a library of photos and submit it to them on their site. Try to pass a few samples of your work and not the whole enchilada. Try submitting your work to several sites to maximize the chances of more companies reviewing your work. Do a shotgun approach.

5. Invest on a photo editing software

If you have the extra bucks, it would not be a bad idea to invest on a software that can help you with your taken photos. Thru it, you could crop the image and remove red eye. You also do a lot of cleaning work especially if you purchase an Adobe Photoshop software.

6. Set up a PayPal account

Most transactions through the web are done thru either card or e-credits. Open an account with PayPal so you can in cash these credits.

7. Develop your own stock photo website

Have your own e-photo business by developing a website and making your work available for purchase. Of course, you have to do some massive advertising for your site to get known and have recall. Start by creating a small portfolio of your work and pass it among relatives, friends and your neighbors. Have a card that has your website on it and give it around. Think of other ideas how to create more traffic into your website.


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