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Make Money Selling Ebooks Online: 3 Reasons Yours May Not Be Selling

  • By Yuwanda Black
  • Published 07/6/2011
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To date, I’ve written and self-published more than 20 ebooks, and make consistent sales doing so. However, this wasn’t always the case. I write in the non-fiction, “how to” genre. When I first started my career making money online selling ebooks, I was lucky to get a few sales a month. Now, I get about half a dozen a day; sometimes more. If you’re struggling to make sales, following are three areas to assess, ie, three reasons your ebook may not be selling. Not Making Any Money Selling Ebooks Online? One of the Following Reasons May Be Why Let me just say up front that selling e-pubs depends on a lot of factors, eg, title, niche, writing style, marketing ability, etc. But, the following are valid areas anyone who writes an ebook should look at if sales are sluggish. I. When Writing an Ebook, Learn How to Price It to Sell: Pricing epubs is like living in the wild, wild west nowadays. It’s a free for all folks, and you have to do some digging to get it right. There are no set guidelines to follow for the most part. And, price is not indicative of quality either. I’ve ordered ebooks online for $7 that were so jam packed with information that they could have been sold for $79; and I’ve ordered others for $50 that I wouldn’t have paid 5 CENTS for if I’d had a chance to view them upfront. Really!

The best way to price ebooks to sel

l is to study your niche; see what the highs and lows are; how your content stacks up against what’s being offered and then come to a happy medium. II. When Writing an Ebook, Assess the Competition: Most people get an idea about an ebook, and they may do some precursory research to find out if there’s an audience for it, then off they’ll go writing. In order to make sure a title will sell before you write it though, you have to do a little bit more than that. Assess the competition to see what’s being offered by others. Is the market saturated? Are there a few names that pop up over and over again? Can you differentiate your product ENOUGH from what’s being offered so that your ebook will be chosen instead of a better-known competitor’s? While there may be a wide audience for information, you have to know what the competition is before writing it so you can map out how you’re going to market yours and differentiate it from theirs. III. When Writing an Ebook, Think Niche: When learning how to write an ebook, one of the first things you should learn is to niche, niche, niche. Epubs that cover a tightly defined niche tend to sell better than those that don’t. There are as many reasons an ebook doesn’t sell as there are that it does. But if yours isn’t, start by assessing these areas.

If you want to write and make money online selling ebooks, don’t give up. Like any other business, sometimes it takes trial and error to find the right formula.


Learn how to write and sell ebooks online. You can write one, market it, and start getting sales within a week — really! One author who followed my formula sold 12 ebooks in 12 hours and remarked, “I can spend weeks working on a book and it sells ok, and then I rush to do one in 3 days and it’s turning out to be one of my best selling ebooks!”

by Yuwanda Black



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