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Make Money Selling Ebooks Online: How to Write Mini Ebooks That Sell

  • By Yuwanda Black
  • Published 12/7/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Ebook publishing can be very lucrative – done right. One way to make money selling ebooks online is to write a lot of them. Following is a “secret method” I use that has allowed me to publish almost 50 ebooks on Amazon in one year. The Secret to Writing Ebooks That Can Make You a Lot of Money Write pullouts. What is an ebook pullout? A pullout is a smaller portion of a larger ebook you write. So in essence, you can write one ebook and turn it into two, three or four ebooks. Followign are four tips on writing pullouts that I’ve used to sell ebooks online – lots of ebooks! I. SEO It: When I write a pullout, I keep search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines in mind for things like the title, section headings, subheadings, etc. Mainly, I do this because when you publish your table of contents online (eg, your website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.), the search engines can return it in search results. The ebook, “SEO Examples: 10 Illustrative SEO Writing Samples,” is a prime example. Keyword research revealed that this term (SEO examples) got good search engine juice and there wasn’t a lot of competition for it. So, that’s why I named the ebook the way I did.

II. Price Your Pullouts to Sell: How to price a pullout depends on a number of factors, eg, how long it is, wh

at the price of the main ebook is and what competitors are charging for similar titles. But, I like to price my pullouts on the lower end, especially on sites like Amazon. Why? Well, this brings me to the next reason, which is because . . . The SEO examples ebook has been my biggest seller on Amazon for the last three months – by a wide margin (so much so that I toyed with raising the price). It’s only $2.99 on Amazon – but I priced it that way for a reason, which brings me to the next tip . . . III. Pullouts Raise Sales of Higher-Priced Ebooks: To make money selling ebooks online, when you produce a lot of titles, it’s a good idea to have higher and lower-priced items in your catalog because the lower-priced items drive sales of your higher-priced ebooks. That is, if they have the following, which is . IV. Tangible Value: When you write and sell ebooks online, the one thing you need to develop is reader trust and loyalty because once a purchaser buys from you once, they are much more likely to buy from you again – if they trust that they’re going to get good value for their money. So, when readers see high quality at such a low price, they feel comfortable purchasing your higher-priced items.

Almost anyone with a body of knowledge on a particular subject and good research skills can make money selling ebooks online. And, writing pullouts increases your chance of selling even more ebooks.


Learn how to write an ebook in as little as 3 days, market it and start getting sales within a week. It can be done; I’m proof. I work from home (or wherever there’s an internet connection); travel at will; and live part time in Jamaica (I’m American) – all because I have the portable lifestyle of being an ebook publisher (and a freelance writer).

by Yuwanda Black



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