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Make Money Selling Ebooks Online: One Sales Secret I Bet You Never Heard Of

  • By Yuwanda Black
  • Published 11/17/2011
  • Writing

I’ve been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. To date, I have written and self-published almost 40 ebooks on Amazon. In 2010, for the first time ever, sales from these and my e-courses accounted for over half my annual income. I divulge all this to say, I’ve learned a few tricks – a few trade secrets, if you will – of how to make money selling ebooks online. And one that I’ve never read anything about is how writing an effective Table of Contents can lead to increased sales and decreased returns. My Return Numbers I’m lucky, less than 1 percent of those who make an ebook purchase from my company request a refund. How do I know this? As I said, I’ve been selling ebooks online since 2004. For the title, “Ebook Returns: 16 Ways to Minimize Them . . . and Sell More Ebooks Online,” I went back through almost three years of records and calculated this. So these are not just numbers I guestimated; they’re based on actual figures. One Little-Known Ebook Sales Secret: Why a Detailed Table of Contents Is Critical to Selling Success

One of the reasons I think my return rate is so low is because I put time into creating a detailed Table of Contents. It’s one of the best ways to decrease

the number of refund requests. Why? Because a detailed Table of Contents gives buyers a thorough snapshot, if you will, of what they’re about to purchase. When a prospective buyer is looking through it, they can readily discern if you cover what they want to know about. And, if you deliver on the information in your Table of Contents – this is extremely important by the way – then it’s been my experience that you decrease the chance of them asking for their money back because you’ve in essence told them exactly what they’re buying. Make Money Selling Ebooks Online: How to Write a Table of Contents That Will Make Sales for You The most important key to doing this is to answer questions. Let me explain. Most of my titles are ones I wrote because I receive a lot of questions from readers of my website (on freelance and SEO writing). Every question I get from a reader, I throw into a file.

And, when/if I write a title on a topic a reader has written in about, I go to that file, locate all the questions that are pertinent, and answer them in detail. This does two things: (i) It practically guarantees that you will sell more ebooks, because those who wrote in will probably buy the title; and (ii) it dispenses information you KNOW your target audience wants to read about (again, a sales boost).


Learn how to write an ebook in as little as 3 days, market it and start getting sales within a week. It can be done; I’m proof. I work from home (or wherever there’s an internet connection); travel at will; and live part time in Jamaica (I’m American) – all because I have the portable lifestyle of being an ebook publisher (and a freelance writer).

by Yuwanda Black



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