Make VoIP Audio Conferencing Calls For Free With VoIPerized

Don’t let the term audio conferencing intimidate you. It is not as complicated as the term suggests. All you need to engage in audio conferencing are a computer and a broadband Internet connection.

Using the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system, you can have a number of people with similar setups talk at the same time. A VoIP audio conferencing is not limited to web meetings alone. It could be used to dispense customer service, train people in faraway places or conduct presentations.

Most audio conferencing are done for a fee using online services. However, the good news is it could also be done without cost using free software. One such free software is VoIPerized. It allows you to make free calls to others who run the same software.

VoIPerized is renowned in the field of audio conferencing software for the manner it handles latency. Latency is the noticeable lag in conversation which is a major drawback in VOIP calls. VoIPerized has managed to keep latency level to a stunning 0.120 seconds plus ping time.

It has also ironed out another VoIP issue – audio clarity – through the use of the open source Speex audio codec. It is claimed that this codec provides audio clarity better than a normal telephone call.

You’ll be surprised that VoIPerized allows you to hold conference with an unlimited number of people at the same time. It manages to do this with a low level of CPU consumption, which means you can multi-task while engaging in an audio conference call.

With VoIPerized you have the ability to adjust audio bitrate to suit your needs. The audio is also of high quality for a conference call with a 16kHz sampling.

Other features of note are:

  • Adaptive Jitter Buffering
  • Smart packet loss concealment
  • VAD (Voice Audio Detection) or PTT (Push to Talk)
  • Logging of missed phone calls
  • Option to auto-accept or auto-decline calls

Apart from that, VoIPerized also has the ability to display your own IP address even if you’re behind a router. With a Windows XP system and a UPnP router, VoIPerized takes care of the necessary port forwarding. The interface is also plain and doesn’t intimidate the first-time user.

The file download size for the English version is a surprising 282 kilobytes. A user manual with screenshots are provided at the developer’s website.

This freeware is available in 11 languages including French, Chinese, Polish and Dutch. The developer’s site also offers a free utility called ResHack which has the ability to translate the English .dll file to a language of your choice.

An interesting section in the developer’s website is the facility to register your username in the phonebook for free. This means every time you log into VoIPerized, the software will update your IP in the phonebook. This comes in handy for those without a static IP address and want to stay in touch with friends on the go. There is also a phonebook search function which allows you to locate other VoIPerized users.

If you don’t have the budget to sign up for an online audio conferencing call service, you could do well to give VoIPerized a shot.


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