Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

When you are blessed with clear blue eyes – did you know that the Aztecs called this color ‘azul’ and that only Gods had this eye color? – you will find it pretty straight forward to see which colors match best with your eyes and then branch out to colors which especially appeal to you.

You should always look for colors that will enhance the depth of the color in your eyes.

When your eyes are a deep dark blue (the color of sapphire) you can wear almost any color of eye-shadow, even darker colors.

When your eyes are mid-level blue, then you can wear everything from light eye-shadow to mid-range colors.

When your eyes are light blue, then you will already have encountered problems choosing an eye-shadow. Light blue can be overpowered by darker colors. You always have to choose soft colors and the middle color range and limit the use of darker ones.

When you have gray-blue eyes, then you are at an advantage. Because if you are wearing something in blue, the eyes can appear to be blue. When you are wearing gray, they’ll reflect that color. And sometimes the eyes have a tendency to go green. This is really a blessing, because it allows you to match to color of your eye-shadow with your clothes!

So, are you ready to select your color?

There are colors that seem to be created just for blue eyes. There’s icy pink, silver, gold and violet which come to mind first. But why not try taupe, or gray, or purple, or lavender?

And also watch out for the complementing color. All blue eyes can wear a complementing color of bronze and light copper. Especially when you are tanned, or have a darker skin, bronze colors make you look hot!

Of course, sometimes you want to move beyond the safe bronze and try something daring for the evening. You can try lavender and violets, but just be careful to keep those colors within the range that your personal blue depth can manage. In other words, if you wear a darker violet with very light blue eyes, you risk looking like you have had a beating!

To highlight your eye-shadow you can go for bronze and orange, which are your complements. But you can also wear a color like apricot or pink as highlighting. Some women love the look of silver paired with a darker color in the crease. If you have yellow flecks in your eyes, then why not use some pale yellow paired with blue shadow? And if you think you can’t wear blue eye-shadow, then you are wrong. Blue eye-shadow always belongs to the makeup tips experts give.

Lastly, when you are having difficulty in selecting an eye-shadow that works for you, you can try a color palette. Mauve, for instance, works great because it has a slight amount of pink in it. If you have a mauve combination color palette, then you can certainly use these colors. When you need more depth, you can simply dip your brush in a little distilled water and then pick up some powdered shadow. Use it on the outer corner of your eye to really play them up.


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