Makeup Tips for Small Eyes How To Make Your Small Eyes Sparkle


Authored by Wordsmith in Makeup and Cosmetics 
Published on 01-23-2009

If you have small eyes and you are not happy about it, there are a few makeup tricks that you can follow so that your eyes will look more prominent and larger. They say that your eyes are the window to the soul. Of course, they are also one of the things that people will notice first when they look at your face. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to have big beautiful eyes that look appealing and draw attention to your face.

Your first course of action will be your eyebrows. You don’t want to have a uni-brow or a bush growing up there. Be sure to tweeze and pluck any of those wild hairs and get them under control. It is important to thin them out. Not a whole lot, just enough to widen your eyes. Once you get them under wraps, you can then move on to the color of makeup.

Just like your face, your eyelids should have a base color. You should use a bone or pale type neutral color across the entire eyelid. Take this color up to your eyebrows. These light colors are going to set the base for your eyes and make them look big and bold. Next, add a little color to those lids by applying a darker color from the outer corner to the crease of your eye. Using your applicator, use a back and forth motion to blend this in well.

You will now want to brighten again with a white or champagne color eye shadow. Blend this color in under your brow bone and also a little pinch in the center of your eye to make it look brighter. This step is going to give your eyes that bright and shiny look.

Of course, your eyes would not be complete without mascara and eyeliner. Your eyeliner should be dark. You want to use this on the upper eyelash and extend it past the outer corner of your eye. Smudge this with a Q-tip to blend it in. Do the same with your lower lash. For the inner rims of your eyes, use a white liner. For your mascara, either use a curling mascara or curl them before hand. You can apply the mascara before curling but be sure to let it dry before curling. Otherwise, your lashes will stick to the curler and make a mess of things.

As you can see, it is very easy to get those big beautiful eyes even if you have tiny slits for eyes or you just need to brighten them and make them look better. No one has to know your secret but you. And you needn’t ever fret over the fact that you do not have big beautiful eyes. After you get this technique down, you will probably surprise yourself at the amazing difference a little bit of makeup can make when you know how to do it right. Remember, practice makes perfect.


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