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Making Chocolate Brownies With the Kids

If there is one type of treat that all kids absolutely adore, that has to be chocolate brownies. But even more than that, kids derive a huge amount of pleasure from actually being able to assist in the making of these chocolaty cakes and this can actually prove to be a real bonding session with your children and can help them to learn the fundamental ropes of cooking at the same time.

So, get the kids to stay with you throughout the whole process of preparing and cooking the chocolate brownies. Let them see how important it is that you measure out the correct ingredients in order for them to turn out properly. Weigh the ingredients with them and let them actively get involved with reading out the required weights and measurements and pouring et cetera. 

Next, let the kids pour the cake mixture so that they will have small individual brownies once cooked. Along the way, be sure to explain the dangers of the kitchen utensils that are being used to make the brownies and focus especially on the heat from the cooker; the precautions that need to be taken if the cooker is gas-powered; and always supervise young children very carefully if they are using sharp knives or anything that may pose even a slight danger.

The kids will become very impatient when the brownies are in the oven being cooked. They will really feel as though they have had a hand in the preparation of these treats and this will mean that they will crave a taste of the goods even more desperately. However, explain to them that they need to wait for the brownies to cool down for a while before sampling. We don’t want this little cookery lesson to end in first degree burns around the mouth and throat, now do we?

Once the brownies have cooked and cooled sufficiently, let them dig in and sample the produce of their cooking skills. Throughout this whole process, it is important for you to remain patient and calm with the kids at all times; they may very well get over excited at times and this is to be completely expected.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is writing about chocolate brownies



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