Male Fashion Jewelry

When people talk about fashion in general, and about jewelry in particular, lots of different images come to mind. Sparkling diamonds on thin bands, dangling ear rings that catch the light, and perhaps even a watch with delicate stones set along the sides. From these descriptions, one might get the idea that only women wear jewelry. However, men like to add the occasional ring or watch to their outfits as well… and men need to be just as careful as women not to overdo it.

The first step of choosing fashionable jewelry for a man is to look at the man who will be wearing it. Jewelry is meant to draw attention to certain areas of the anatomy, and to emphasize good features rather than negative ones. For instance, if a man has a feminine neck, or small hands, then it would be a bad idea to accentuate these features with heavy jewelry that only makes these areas seem smaller. If on the other hand a man has large hands or a thick neck, then wearing thin, delicate jewelry is just as bad from the other direction, over-emphasizing these features and making a man look brutish or too large.

For jewelry to work it should fit a man’s general look. For instance, if a man prefers casual jeans and a tee shirt, then a watch, necklace, or bracelet might be appropriate. If a man’s wearing a suit however, then formal jewelry should apply. No ear rings or wallet chains in these situations, though a pocket watch may set off a vest quite nicely. A tie pin, or even an accessory worn in a hat may add a touch of elegance or class to a more formal look.

Another tip for choosing jewelry that’s fashionable instead of gaudy is to keep it subtle and to dress your age. Wearing a silver skull ring or vampire pendant, no matter how elegant, really shouldn’t be done past the early 20’s at the very latest. At the same time, while it might be a great statement of wealth to wear huge, platinum necklaces, doing so more often than not makes a person look classless and trashy. By wearing simple, elegant jewelry such as plain metal bands or understated chains a man can draw attention to his outfit as a whole, rather than to the flash of his jewelry.

If a man was making a statement with his look, then fashionable jewelry would be the punctuation. The point of a certain style may come across just fine without jewelry, but these accessories are the commas, periods, and even exclamation marks of someone’s look. And like punctuation in grammar and spelling, jewelry shouldn’t be over used. A single exclamation mark might draw attention and surprise from an audience, but if your statement is absolutely filled with them, they cease to be special and just become a part of the scenery. Also just like anything written, it’s best to run your fashion statement past a friend that you trust to be honest… better to be hurt and looking good, than falsely confident and sending out all the wrong messages.


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