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Man Shaped Paper Clips Reviewed


Man Shaped Paper Clips

Paper clips generally don’t allow you to express much individuality, but these man shaped paper clips that I picked up from JetPens, allow you to do just that.  Sun-Star is the manufacturer of these unique paper clips that come in both male and female versions, the men are pretty generic, while the women have a little dress or skirt shape added to them.


The Man Shaped Paper Clips in Action

These little guys work just as you would expect them to, they kind of vary though with some being slightly tighter and others not so tight on the paper, so a minor adjustment here and there makes them perform much better.  Clearly if you notice those smiley faces up there on the paper, those were added by me, don’t expect your paper clips to be smiling back at you.  The clips are about 1 1/2″ long from head to toe, and the thickness of the wire used is about the same as any other paper clip you have used…nothing out of the ordinary in that department.


Pack of 8 Man Shaped Paper Clips

As I said, I picked these up from JetPens, and I’d be willing to bet that they are hard to come by anywhere else, but if you are out shopping somewhere that you think might have them, I thought I’d include a picture of the package to help you out.  These are another of those items that some people might have issue with though, because if you break it down to a “per item” cost, they come out to just over $.50 each, while you can get regular paper clips for under a penny each.  These are more for the person looking to have fun with their office supplies, rather than the serious person who is cost conscious with their office supplies.

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