Manage Your Sales Prospects and Affiliates with Lead Generation Software

Lead generation is an important part of the sales strategy of any business organization. Any sales professional will tell you that human error could result in leads being wrong handled which, more often than not, leads to loss of sales and hence profits. The use of lead generation software would go a long way to minimize such costly errors.

A good lead generation program is supposed to put in automation mode the process of capturing leads, processing information on the leads, filtering leads that have sales potential, generating sales and delivering to the customer. With the software relieving you of the above tasks, you can concentrate on acquiring potential customers for your business. One such software is Lead Generation Software.

It’s a web-based application which allows a high level of seller-buyer interactivity. The software allows for an automated response when a potential customer shows an interest in your product or services – an ideal way to win customer confidence.

Lead Generation software does not work only with prospects; it also simplifies your tasks when it comes to working with existing customers and even affiliates. The software can easily be set up in your web hosting server and can be quickly customized to your needs. Ample help is provided at every stage.

One cool feature you can activate during the setup stage is the option for the software to remind you of unsold leads. You can set the option to remind you within an hour or up to twelve hours. This is a handy tool especially if you have to handle large numbers of leads and ordinarily, if you don’t use software, you may overlook leads which you have not yet sold to.

A variety of email templates are provided. You can edit and tailor them to you needs to ensure a high-level of professionalism when communicating with your leads. You are also allowed the facility to filter your leads of abusive words, phony contact numbers and spam email.

In the system statistics mode, you get to see a visual presentation of sold leads, inactive customers and new customers, among others, in the form of charts and graphs. You can toggle from the visual mode to the data mode which gives you a good idea of areas requiring immediate action.

Need to send bulk email to your leads, customers or affiliates? Lead Generation Software does it for you with ease. There are plenty of one –click options available like the top ten affiliates, customers who joined after a certain date or all customers, among others.

Other features that will aid in the lead generation process are:

  • instant viewing and managing of individual customer account
  • managing different campaigns used to generate sales
  • easy reviewing of leads generated from your opt-in pages

The latest version of the software includes a HTML WYSIWYG editor which can be used for quick template changes either on your part or the customer’s. Also included is the ability to import bulk leads from the admin panel.


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