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Marcello de cartier: singlestrap handbag with stylish design

  • By Edward Smith
  • Published 12/16/2010
  • Poetry

Durable handbag is quite important for daily wear. Apart from sound material, stylish design with single strap could be used to combine the modern and classical art. It has been wonderfully fulfilled by Marcello from Cartier. Marlin Yuson, the genius designer with legend experience gifts women the tailor-made handbags. The elegant shape, perfect touching sense and remarkable hollowing picture would be so attractive for stylish women. Under the ideal of classical artwork, Marcello de Cartier is relaxing item with you for any journey. It could be the stylish bag with single strap expected by lots of people. Elaborate strap design could free your hands to form elegant pose. It may reshape the intimate women feeling without any flaw. It could fulfill the soft feature and generous style to express the power coming from cautious design and elegant ideal. When it comes to the material, lamb skin, snake skin or cowhide leather is all with perfect flexibility and endurable to defend any friction. Such single-strap bag of Marcello de Cartier is made in multiple stylish designs. There are hollowing and nail decoration for the corners of bag. The height of bag would be adjusted according to the length of single strap. What¡¯s more, Marcello de Cartier handbag provides us lots of selection in color and size. In that case, handbag in black, orange and red and so on is suitable for any event and your trip such as weekend journey or long-term vacation, even the wild adventure in forest or sea. In order to celebrate the durable handbags with stylish design for Cartier, Denis Dailleux, a famous photographer embarked for four biggest cities in the world to shoot the pictures for four young women with cherry single-strap handbags. If you want to rebuild personality with the casual styles under heating sun or in the icy world, Marcello de Cartier is special choice to connect the trip through four cities.


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