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March 2017 Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack Giveaway


Today we are announcing our monthly (and last…more on that at the end of this post) Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack winner! But first it was kind of hard to resist sharing this “Schnoodle” which is basically a Sharpie look-alike pool noodle.  As someone who despises publicly shared water (ie. pools and other germ baths) I would never in a million years need or want this, but I still found it pretty creative and funny.  Might be worth it even as an office decoration if you share the same hatred of public waters that I do.  Either way, decorate your home/office or float around in the old germ bath now that summer is coming.  You can check out the Schnoodle (via Amazon) before Sharpie sues them and takes it away, maybe?


Congratulations to Amy Brick, if that is you, just reply to the email in your in box, or use the About/Contact link at the bottom of the page to get in touch so we can sort out your prize and get the information over to our friends at Goldspot.

So monthly giveaways going forward:  Although our friends at Goldspot are no longer going to be sponsoring this giveaway, we are still doing the monthly giveaway of the $25 JetPens gift cards.  In addition to that, and in the absence of the Goldspot giveaway, I was thinking it would be fun to giveaway some of the review items that I’ve written about here.  I probably have more office supplies than one human, or for that matter, some businesses should have, so why not share the wealth.  I’ve got a ton of stuff and I think that mixing things up so part of the giveaway is always changing will be fun.  If you still haven’t signed up for the monthly giveaways, you can do so here!

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