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March JetPens Gift Card Winner and an Important Update


Normally I’ll share an interesting office supply related product or sale here with you here, but today I wanted to update you on an important change to the twice monthly giveaway.  Starting next month (hopefully for the short term only) it will be shifting to a once a month giveaway for the $25 JetPens gift card.  Our friends at Goldspot will no longer be sponsoring the monthly giveaway as of April (although I still highly recommend their online site for purchases and their great service) so I’ll be looking either a new sponsor or a completely new giveaway to fill the gap.  If anyone has any suggestions or if any stores out there would be interested in sponsoring something let us know.  Also, as a side note, apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days, but I was off on vacation in Iceland and time and technology din’t cooperate despite my best efforts.


Now, on to the winner of the March JetPens giveaway!  If your name is Mary Lovell, then you should start looking at the JetPens website to see what great items you might want to use your new $25 gift card towards!  Also, we just need Mary to use the “About/Contact Us” link below to send us an email so we can get her e-gift card coordinated.

For those of you who have not signed up yet, here is the link so you can change that right now!

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