Marketing Indie Films

You’re an Independent Producer, and have made your first film. Congratulations. You have lived and suffered through writing, finding backing, talent, equipment and all of the thousand and one details that go into producing a motion picture. You have done this all without the backing of a major studio. So now the question is, how do you market your cinematic masterpiece?

Here are several ideas that should give you several avenues to explore.

Among the first things you should do is create a website for the film. Doing this while in production is a fantastic idea. You can post videos on the site, giving website viewers somewhat of a teaser of the final film. If you are not a web guru, hire one. You need the site to look professional.

Add stills and behind the scenes photos from the film. Also you should place information about the plot. (Don’t give away the ending) Make sure to give the site viewers information about the Cast and Crew. Place a sign up for a newsletter about the film. One very important thing to remember is to keep the website up to date. One way to kill interest in your film is a site that seems static.

If your film is going to be distributed in theaters, once you have the information include the release date, and theaters your film will play at on the website. If the film is going to DVD, place a link to sell the DVD on the site.

Having a graphic artist create poster art for the film is also an excellent idea. Work closely with the artist to ensure that your vision of the film comes through. Utilize the poster art in the website. Creating a blog about your film during the production cycle is a great idea. This is a good way to create a buzz. Tie this into the website.

Create a Facebook and MySpace page for the film. Create an email list, and invite everyone you know to check these social networking sites. Who knows – some of your long lost email buddies might just buy a ticket to your movie.

Get your film listed in the industry publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety. Make sure you check out the Indie Film publications and websites as well. IMDB.com is a good site with much information about all films past, present, and future. They also have a professional site that you would do well to set up an account on.

Contact the press. Get in touch with print media in your area, television stations; you might even consider contacting some of the TV Entertainment Magazines like “Entertainment Tonight”, and “Access Hollywood”.

When you are marketing your Indie Film, there is no such thing as too much publicity. Print up flyers when you are close to the release date. Hire college students to hand out flyers near the theater where your movie will premiere starting three to four weeks before. Step up the flier handouts during the last week.

These are only a few ideas to help you market your Indie Film. Many Indies have gone on to great success. As the saying goes in showbiz: “Break a leg”!


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