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Marketing Your eBook: Tips For Authors Who Want Profit

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 07/26/2011
  • Writing

Many authors or writers fail to profit from their works because of the fact that they do not succeed in marketing. When selling ebooks, you see, you have to ensure that your marketing strategies and activities work, because if they don’t, how can you entice people to purchase your work? Here are several tips for authors, to be specific, book marketing tips that will make it easier for you to succeed in marketing your ebook, and of course, selling it to a lot of people: One of the very first tips that you have to apply is to use appropriate keywords in your sales pages, newsletters, articles, and so on. You have to research on which keywords are related to your niche, are highly searched, and have lesser amount of competition. You should use more than one of these keywords, as they can make the activity of selling ebooks easier and faster for you.

Included in the tips for authors that are also considered part of book marketing tips for you to search for blogs that fall under your niche, and then, comment on some of the posts on those blogs (something related to the post), while also mentioning about your e-book, or include a link to your book in the signature or as a hyperlink in your

name. This activity is referred to as blog commenting, and believe it or not, it will help you in marketing your ebook, as long as you comment on niche-relevant blogs that have lots of followers. Another technique that you can utilize if you’re planning on selling ebooks e.g. either ones that you wrote, or those that were assigned to you in the affiliate program you joined, is joining relevant forums, and then, participating in related discussions (those related to your niche, of course). This will help you build your reputation as an expert in your selected niche, and also attracts more people to check out your e book. One of the tips for authors, specifically book marketing tips that you have to keep in mind, is to add your book title and link to it in your actual forum signature as most forums only allow this and do not allow actual links posted within your replies to the discussions.

Marketing your ebook can also become a successful activity if you include these strategies: engage in article marketing so as to drive more traffic, specifically targeted traffic to your sales page, or to your opt-in page; try video marketing as this is another way of boosting traffic; start an affiliate program wherein you can let several affiliates promote or market the book for you; and so forth.



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