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Marks Coffret du Couturier Red Washi Masking Tape


Marks Coffret du Couturier Red Washi Masking Tape Package of Three

The other day I got an email from my friends at StationeryArt.com and they wanted to send over some of this designer Washi Masking Tape for us to take a look at.


Marks Coffret du Couturier Red Washi Masking Tape Rolls

As you can see this is not just regular masking tape.  It comes in multiple colors, and has various patterns on it, allowing you to spruce up your desk and plenty of other things like your pens, notebooks, folders…you name it.  The tape itself is very easy to use in that it is easy to find the end, and is really easy to rip to the size that you need.  You can also write on the tape pretty easily, so it can be a good way to color coordinate or easily identify tabs on folders, and you can even use it to wrap around your favorite pen or pencil to make sure nobody “borrows” it from you, never to be seen again.  Each of the three rolls in this package measure .59″ wide and are just shy of being 50 feet long.


Marks Coffret du Couturier Red Washi Masking Tape Hanging

There are probably 1000 different things you can use this tape for, like scrap booking and other arts and crafts activities, but I’m not exactly the super creative type so some of those things are not that obvious to me.  I can tell you though that one of the nice benefits of this washi tape is that regardless of what you use it for, it retains its sticky properties very nicely, and you can re-stick it multiple times in multiple places.

I just wanted to share this Washi Masking Tape though because it was totally new to me and I thought it was pretty unique and just one of those things that can go a long way in making your office space a bit more unique.  Over at StationeryArt.com, they have a ton of other colors of washi tape, so check it out and see all of the different colors and patterns that they have to offer.

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