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Martha Stewart and Avery ElastiNotes Review


Martha Stewart Avery ElastiNotes Package

Sometimes I see products that I really have no idea how I’ll use, but they look cool so I grab them anyway.  That is exactly the case with these Avery and Martha Stewart ElastiNotes.  The Martha Stewart and Avery ElastiNotes have a nice clean red and white design which makes them highly visible.


Martha Stewart Avery ElastiNotes Hanging

Inside the package these Avery and Martha Stewart ElastiNotes are hung on a clear plastic card that keeps them from getting all tangled up with each other.  I’m glad that the smart folks from Avery did this because I could see how easily these could become a tangled mess.


Martha Stewart Avery ElastiNotes on Bottle

The only thing I could really think of for these was to label some ink bottles.  This works assuming you mix your own fountain pen ink, so I made a quick example above.  You can also use the Martha Stewart and Avery ElastiNotes for holding TV or computer wires together and labeling them so you can be a bit more organized.


Martha Stewart Avery ElastiNotes Green Ink

Here is a quick look at the label before it was put on the bottle too.  I’m sure there are a ton of other uses for these Avery and Martha Stewart Martha Stewart ElastiNotes and maybe a lot of them are unrelated to the office supply world, but I still just thought these were cool so I wanted to share.  Make sure to check back later this week when we will have a big giveaway of some of the new Martha Stewart and Avery stuff for you.  Also if you have any ideas on how you would use these Martha Stewart and Avery ElastiNotes, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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