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Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Exclusively at Staples


Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Event at Staples in NYC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a promotional event in Manhattan that showcased the new Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery product line available exclusively at Staples.  It was great to see the line described by Martha Stewart herself, so I wanted to share some video of her atthe event with you, along with my initial thoughts on some of the product that I got to take a look at.

A few interesting things I picked up from the event listening to Martha:

  • First, I found it interesting to hear Martha mention that she actually still owns and uses a typewriter, but later in the event (not in this video clip) she did run through the fact that she has multiple Blackberries, an iPad, iPhone, and two computers at her desk, so she is definitely tech-savvy and connected, however she did state that she still finds it important to actually be able to write things down with pen and paper and print things out.
  • In the video above at the 1:34 mark, Martha does make the somewhat significant mistake of saying that the product line includes “Post-it’s” which is the 3M version of what I would generically call a “sticky note” if I wanted to avoid the brand name of a competitive product in the market.  Not sure how many people may have picked up on this but knowing the audience at the event I’m sure someone must have noticed.  I did cringe a bit when I heard it leave her lips, but “Post-it” has become such a well recognized name that people sometimes forget it is the actual brand name rather than a noun.
  • I also chuckled at the statement at the very end of the above video where Martha explains to the crowd (as if we need to be told this)  “My own home is pretty well ordered.”  I would imagine that her home probably has a storage bin where she neatly tucks away the dust to take care of later, and not one item is ever out of place.  I’m pretty sure that saying her home is “pretty well ordered” is probably the understatement of the year.
  • Amazingly, the entire product line was developed in only one year.  When you look at the variety, uniqueness and the quality of the products, it is impressive that they were able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time.

You can definitely hear more detail if you watch the video above though, so click on that and see what Martha has to say about all of her new products.


Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Office Setting

It was great to hear Martha and the folks from Avery and Staples speak about the product line and answer some questions about the future of  the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery product line.  Some of the things that they mentioned are that there will probably be more colors that become available for many of the products in the future, and there will also be more home office furniture to come. martha-stewart-home-office-with-avery-at-staples-300x193-8405967

Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery at Staples – Notebooks

The above photo shows the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery merchandising display that you will find in Staples.  The variety of different notebooks was impressive, and there were also quite a few different labeling and organizing (ie. folders, storage bins, and containers) solutions on display as well.  Some of the non-notebook items of interest that I saw were:

  • Chalkboard labels that can be reused, meaning stuck, unstuck, then re-stuck, and also written on with chalk, erased, and written on again
  • Self-adhesive weekly dry erase to-do lists for your fridge as well as standard paper to do lists.
  • Stick on book plates, which are those small metal frames with a paper insert that go on the spine of the magazine container that Martha is looking at in the video up there
  • Elastic band attachable tags
  • Lots of different dry erase and sticky note labels
  • A variety of filing pockets, folders, and accordion folders
  • Desk trays and other organizational containers

Obviously I would never throw all of this at you without following up with reviews at some point, and as I type this I’m looking at two bags of Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery merchandise that I picked up from my local Staples, so keep an eye out for reviews of some of these products in the very near future.  In the mean time you can visit your own local Staples store to find the products, or check it all out online here: Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery,  and here on the Avery site.

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